the road to nowhere

When you find yourself in front of a dead end, when you're about to collapse, when you have no idea where you stand, thats when everything falls into place and you realize what everything really means. You learn to read between the lines. You realize you've been walking the road towards disappointment and grief. The road which they disguised with signs and sceneries that diverted your attention. Signs that made you ignore the opportunities to take shorcuts to a pain-suffering-uncertainty-expectation free paradise, and instead, you found yourself travelling the same road you have always walked upon; the road you thought you knew so well, the one you promised yourself you would never walk on after what it had done to you, after ending so bruised and battered. The one you thought you would recognize a mile away and would avoid without hesitation.

But you know it's not all their fault, after all, your curiosity and expectation were what kept you walking. You know you expected the best because that's what you were promised from the beginning and you gave your best in exchange. It hurts to know you were unable to bring out the best of them and what you gave was all in vain, it tears you apart to know that your devotion was never enough, that you were always second in line when to you they were second to none. It's right there when it hits you: once again, you are travelling the road to nowhere all alone, using your scathed and scarred heart as a shield and hope as your shoes.

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